Vivacity Ventures

Curated content, actionable information, online courses.

Topics: Health & Wellness, Media Production, Technology

Other content: Office hacks, book and course reviews, travel, fashion, and more based on what our audience wants.

Our mission is to deliver “life experience” from people who have, been there done that, with themes in business and entrepreneurship, media production, health and wellness, addiction and recovery, ADHD and other mental health issues. Additional topics are in development. Basically providing¬†living information — voiced from experience. We also deliver a little light fun with travel info, fashion finds, and life hacks we have learned along the way.

We are launching an online school with a variety of topics. If you have a topic idea for an online course or a blog article, please contact us. Also, please visit

Vivacity Academy.

We are curating content and courses as this is being typed.

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Our audience will vary as we plan to cover topics that may be unrelated, however, our audience will be listened to and we will pivot our focus and tailor our content to followers who tell us — THIS is what we want to learn about or hear about.

Vivacity Ventures is meant to be an interactive company. Reach out and talk to us!