Microsoft Surface Book

So I cannot just have any laptop or any computer, I am a media producer, and I need a machine that is high powered.

The Microsoft Surface Book with the upgraded base, containing a high powered graphics card, has served me well.


I have relied on this powerful machine to edit photos and video, while still being portable and lightweight. The battery life does live up to all the hype, depending on usage, it lasts through a day’s work.

Of course it has an attached keyboard, but external keyboards may be used as well. It is a full touchscreen with standard and tablet functions. A separate purchase may include the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, which is a neat little, easy to carry, folded device. And finally, the best part of all, the deal-maker, is the Surface Pen (stylus). The pen is outstanding and has proved useful more than ever expected.

I am a “Type A” personality, brief and to the point. So, my recommendation is you test this machine at your local computer store, and if purchased, you will not be disappointed.