DG Squ80    Please allow me to introduce myself. Dominick Gladstone, entrepreneur, consultant, and media producer.

I consult in marketing, advertising and communications. Media production, photography and video are my passions. I do virtually every type of media creation, except for weddings. Too much stress doing weddings.

I started Vivacity to transfer skills and information into an online format. Now it is not just me, but also a number of experts discovered along the way.

Vivacity Ventures is a curated content and a media delivery company. We take expert advice, gift wrap it and deliver it, to you, the audience.

The intention is that the Vivacity brand will become a valuable resource, helping people save time and money. In addition, there will be top rated tips and tricks along the way to simply improve productivity and health; achieving success, joy, serenity, and peace.

I am also a recovered alcoholic and I will be sharing that journey in a series I am developing that examines all aspects of life after quitting drinking or using drugs. It took getting sober to realize how many other disorders and challenges I have.

Vivacity Ventures Mission:  To serve its audience with information, products, and services that deliver a better quality of life.

Vivacity Ventures Vision:  A go-to place online for its audiences and connecting with those audiences, listening and providing information products the deliver a better quality of life. Through our sister site, Vivacity Academy, we will  deliver the best online courses available.


Dominick Gladstone Bio — by Cheryl Ririe

Dominick is a leader…balanced…and grounded. His uniqueness is expressed as quintessential creative and business executive. He can brainstorm and unearth the essence of “it” and he has a finesse with numbers, too. It’s why clients like him. In combination, Dominick’s blend of talents conveys ROI consciousness in the development of solidly goal-oriented strategies, messages, and visuals. It’s why clients respect him. He facilitates the impact on target audiences and addresses bottom line. It’s why clients hire him.

Right-brained and left-brained, Dominick’s combined aptitude synthesizes today’s business marketing needs for clients to manage creativity and budgets, all without compromising the end-user experience.

In an electronic, fast-paced, and mobile world, his multi-talents and his digital media define him, his work. He shapes results for clients. Clients rely on his innovative ideas and strategic concepts, then relish in the execution of their objectives. Teamwork with accomplished clients and skilled professional colleagues excites him. Problem-solving – from initial phase to end product – takes burdens off clients. Consulting, marketing, public relations and advertising, social media, website development, photography, videography and media production are the means. The start to finish process keeps him fresh – refreshing clients, too.

Gladstone & Associates – Communication Consulting

Act Naturally Studios – Media Production