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Topics: Health & Wellness, Media Production, Technology

Other content: Office hacks, book and course reviews, travel, fashion, and more based on what our audience wants.

Our mission is to deliver “life experience” from people who have, been there done that, with themes in business and entrepreneurship, media production, health and wellness, addiction and recovery, ADHD and other mental health issues. Additional topics are in development. Basically providing¬†living information — voiced from experience. We also deliver a little light fun with travel info, fashion finds, and life hacks we have learned along the way.

We are launching an online school with a variety of topics. If you have a topic idea for an online course or a blog article, please contact us. Also, please visit

Vivacity Academy.

We are curating content and courses as this is being typed.

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Our audience will vary as we plan to cover topics that may be unrelated, however, our audience will be listened to and we will pivot our focus and tailor our content to followers who tell us — THIS is what we want to learn about or hear about.

Vivacity Ventures is meant to be an interactive company. Reach out and talk to us!

Snooze Alarm Podcast

Conversations between Dominick Gladstone and Cheryl R.K. about absolutely nothing. Simply an entertaining take on life and life’s events. The Snooze Alarm Podcast is sure to disappoint in every way, but WILL surely keep you laughing…occasionally.

Living With Invisalign – Complete Online Course

A comprehensive online course is now available for dental patients with Invisalign clear braces. I am an adult dental patient with Invisalign aligner braces. I searched for a comprehensive look at what to expect and how to live with Invisalign. There wasn’t much information from a patient’s perspective, so I created a complete course on the subject.

A comprehensive course on “Living With Invisalign” from a patient’s perspective.

Living with Invisalign
An online course for living with clear aligner braces.

You are excited about your new clear aligner braces, but there will be some lifestyle changes during your dental treatment. This new course covers everything from the basics to top tips and hacks for living with Invisalign.

You will learn directly from a patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Benefit from the experience of another. The online course is priced at less than 1% of your overall treatment cost, so it is very affordable.

Get your straight teeth smile on and take a course online at your own pace. Course software powered by Teachable.

Digital Asset Management

So you are a photographer or videographer and you take lots of images. Now what? How will you keep organized? How will you protect your investment?

NEVER lose a file…again. Never lose an edit due to computer crashes…again.

File System Screenshot 01

Vivacity Academy is working on a course in digital asset management. My proven file system ensures that I will never lose footage or images.

You will learn:

  • How to set up a file system that is more effective.
  • How to rename batches of files for work on client projects. Trying to find IMG_0008453 or 09034347.MTS, and what project it relates to from 2015, can be a real headache.
  • How to take advantage of storage options to ensure that you won’t lose your edit in the event of a computer crash.
  • Never transfer files to just one place on your computer.
  • Copying vs moving — Beware of data loss.

More to come…soon.

Biddy Murphy – Wool Sweaters

If you are looking to stay warm this winter, there is nothing better than a nice thick Irish sweater to add to your fashion pool.

Biddy Murphy imports top quality Irish goods and sells online, shipping anywhere in the world. They stock nothing but quality products, with one of their specialties being wool sweaters.

Give them a try for yourself or great for a gift. They also carry wool accessories, such as hats, scarves, and jewelry.


Microsoft Surface Book

So I cannot just have any laptop or any computer, I am a media producer, and I need a machine that is high powered.

The Microsoft Surface Book with the upgraded base, containing a high powered graphics card, has served me well.


I have relied on this powerful machine to edit photos and video, while still being portable and lightweight. The battery life does live up to all the hype, depending on usage, it lasts through a day’s work.

Of course it has an attached keyboard, but external keyboards may be used as well. It is a full touchscreen with standard and tablet functions. A separate purchase may include the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, which is a neat little, easy to carry, folded device. And finally, the best part of all, the deal-maker, is the Surface Pen (stylus). The pen is outstanding and has proved useful more than ever expected.

I am a “Type A” personality, brief and to the point. So, my recommendation is you test this machine at your local computer store, and if purchased, you will not be disappointed.

Top Rated Dishwasher Detergent

Cascade Platinum

Having tried virtually every brand of dishwasher detergent on the market, and being left sorely disappointed with the results of most, Cascade is by far a top rated brand name to trust.

Cascade Complete was the first choice, especially for hard water problems. Dishes would come out etched and spotted without a rinse agent.

Then I discovered Cascade Platinum, which is by far the best product on the market…ever. Cascade Platinum removes baked on cheese, dried eggs, and caked on grease. Even with hard water, with too much calcium buildup, this detergent delivers a clean and shiny dish!

I urge you to give it a try.


Has Your Child Been Diagnosed With ADHD?

Vivacity Academy is working on an online course that will present, from a teacher’s perspective, how to help children who are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD thrive in a classroom environment.

Please feel free to comment if there are ideas you would like included in the course.