Living With Invisalign – Complete Online Course

A comprehensive online course is now available for dental patients with Invisalign clear braces. I am an adult dental patient with Invisalign aligner braces. I searched for a comprehensive look at what to expect and how to live with Invisalign. There wasn’t much information from a patient’s perspective, so I created a complete course on the subject.

A comprehensive course on “Living With Invisalign” from a patient’s perspective.

Living with Invisalign
An online course for living with clear aligner braces.

You are excited about your new clear aligner braces, but there will be some lifestyle changes during your dental treatment. This new course covers everything from the basics to top tips and hacks for living with Invisalign.

You will learn directly from a patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment. Benefit from the experience of another. The online course is priced at less than 1% of your overall treatment cost, so it is very affordable.

Get your straight teeth smile on and take a course online at your own pace. Course software powered by Teachable.